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Paint Your Own Pottery

---Yes!  We are open by appointment.  Call or Text before you drop by! 905-728-6939.
Masks are Mandatory.

At Ceramics Canada we make hundreds of pieces on-site plus we order in too!  You'll always find a huge selection at our studio.  We carry many plates, bowls and mugs as well as banks, boxes, and collectibles.  If you're looking for garden pieces, we make them!  Christmas?  We have more Christmas molds than anyone!  And, we keep some pieces on the shelves all year round!  We also have pieces for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines, Easter, Spring and Summer.  If you're looking for something special, be sure to ask.  We'll do our best to find it for you!  The price on the piece is all that it costs!  We're all-inclusive.

Here's How It Works

Step 1

Choose your piece.

Step 2

Choose background glaze colour and apply 3 flowing coats.

Step 3

Design, use stencils, markers, stamps, sponges and brushes to design and paint your piece.

1 coat for translucent coverage

2 coats for semi opaque coverage

3 coats for opaque coverage.

Step 4

Leave your piece for kiln firing.

Step 5

Pick up your finished masterpiece 1 week later.

Pottery Wheel

Pottery Wheel

Beginners Pottery Wheel is open to all ages and abilities. Sign up for a class!

Female Potter Making Mug

Hand-Building with Clay

Learn to handbuild with clay.  Your imagination is the only limit!

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