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Stoneware Pottery


Pottery fired to a mid-range temperature of about 2200˚F or until it is vitrified/waterproof.  Glaze is added as decoration.  Originated in China circa1400BC.  Stoneware is perfect for cookware, baking and service dishes.


  • Tougher, more chip resistant and durable than earthenware

  • Waterproof once matured/fired to 2200˚F

  • Food Safe

  • Oven Ready

  • Dishwasher Safe

Step One:  Choose your pieces.  Mugs, bowls, plates, vases, platters, casseroles, pie plates, etc.

Step Two:  Choose your glazes.  Many beautiful glazes to choose from.  Take a class and learn about combinations including other product lines.

Step Three:  Layer your glazes on leaving the bottoms free and clear of glaze.

Step Four:  Leave your pieces for firing.  Mid-Range firing is put on atleast once every two to three weeks.


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