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What You Can Do At Ceramics Canada

Because we're a FIRED ARTS STUDIO, we offer many different things you can do! 

Paint your own pottery is fun and relaxing for all ages and abilities. choose from a huge selection of pieces including plates, cups, bowls, banks, boxes, garden, collectibles and more.  These pieces have been cleaned and fired so all you need to do is choose and paint!  

Create  truly unique one of a kind pieces from a block of clay!  Whatever you can imagine!  Clay is your canvas.  We have many tools to help.

A pottery wheel is a machine that you will use to shape and make cylinder shaped ceramic pieces.  It's an exciting experience not to be missed!  Pottery Wheel classes are fun for all ages.  Pottery Wheel is by appointment only. 

Glass Fusing is fun and easy for crafters of all ages.  Basically, you stack glass shapes on a base to create a design before melting the pieces to become one.    No appointment necessary!  For more information click here.

Stoneware is another form of clay offered in our studio.  Matured (Fired to a Mid-Range Temperature) pieces are meant for everyday  use in cooking, baking, serving and storing of liquids and food.  This unique clay body when matured becomes sturdy and chip resistant making them quite durable.  Mature mid-range fired pieces may be used in the oven and microwave.




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